Six Five Software was formed to fulfill a desire to have a larger presence in the tech world. Over the last several years, mobile technology usage has increased daily in our lives, and our goal is to create solutions to assist in filling needs of the people who use these mobile devices every day.

Starting Six Five Software, LLC has been fun! As I, BJ Miller, have been in the tech industry for over 15 years, I have always had a passion for helping people get more comfortable with computers and mobile devices, and sometimes making computers and mobile devices be nice to people. With a background largely in the Windows world, I made the switch to Mac in my personal life back in 2009, and quickly sold my Dell laptop and switched from Android to iOS shortly thereafter. I began learning Objective-C and Cocoa, the language and main framework of Mac OS X and iOS development, and enjoyed it much more than anything I had used before. Now, I am striving to create beautiful, useful software for people to use in this platform.

I am currently writing an introductory book to the Swift programming language, titled Sams Teach Yourself Swift in 24 Hours (Sams Publishing). You can find out more about it here