MyPrayerMap 2.0 submitted, with new updates

I recently submitted MyPrayerMap v2.0 to Apple for review, and it comes with quite a few changes that I wanted to outline here, as well as add some entries to the FAQ page. Here's a list of updates:

  • Now requires iOS 7 at minimum. iOS 6 users can still use their existing version of the app as normal, but will not be able to upgrade to 2.0 unless they have iOS 7
  • iCloud syncing! I had not originally anticipated using iCloud for synchronization, but with iOS 7 came some improvements, and so I restructured the data storage to be able to handle it, and it works pretty well
  • New iOS 7 look and feel
  • Custom visual menu I open-sourced (, using the new blur effect from iOS 7
  • Pins now change colors according to the last prayed date. A pin is purple upon creation, or if that prayer request has not yet been prayed for. A pin is red if the last prayed date for that request is greater than 7 days, and a pin is green if you have marked that prayer request as prayed for within the last 7 days
  • Items in the list now reflect the iOS 7-esque swiping gesture, from right to left, revealing a menu of options to perform for that prayer request
  • And lots of little bug fixes and slight performance enhancements. This version is smaller and leaner, and I hope you enjoy it

Thank you for your support of MyPrayerMap, and please forward any feature requests or suggestions you may have. And if you wouldn't mind, please rate the app in the App Store, it helps new buyers get a better understanding of the app and how people like it. Thanks!