Today was a good day

Even though I didn't see the lights of the Goodyear blimp, today was a good day. Today I received a push notification from Apple stating that the app I've been working very hard on for the last several months was approved and ready for sale in the iOS App Store. I know there are 850,000+ apps in there, and the 50 billionth app was just downloaded, so apps are old news for some, but this was a first for me, and I cannot describe the feeling I felt. There was a smile plastered to my face the whole day. My passion for developing software has turned into a tangible thing that can reach the hands of millions, which I remember saying was a dream of mine in 10th grade. Not necessarily "to have an app in the Apple App Store", but to have some piece of software I wrote positively affecting someone's life.

MyPrayerMap is a young app, obviously, with more room to grow, and more features to come. The response I've received from it over Facebook, Twitter, and in person so far, in just one day, has been incredible. I have a smile on my face while writing this. I am happy to be able to provide something so useful to people. This particular app has truly been inspired by a great friend of mine, and pastor, Dan Anthony, from Rock Point Church. It's here buddy.

Thank you to those who tested the app during its pre-release stage, and for all the kind words along the way from family and friends. Thanks, also, to a very encouraging Mac/iOS developer community. I have to thank Matt Drance, whom (who?) I had the pleasure of meeting in Los Angeles in October at MacTech, who encouraged me to "just do it. You can do it." It may have seemed like a trivial meeting for him, since I'm sure he meets people all the time who say the same thing, but I believed him...thank you, Matt.

So now it's back to Xcode and the legal pad of view controllers and database schemas, for more ways to improve the app. One of the ways I can show my appreciation to all those who believed in me, the idea, or have purchased the app so far, is to keep building it up to be even better.

On that note...