Pre-iOS 7 Sale for MyPrayerMap

MyPrayerMap is now on sale for $0.99 USD from now until at least the release of iOS 7. While we want to ensure that the money from the app goes towards providing support and new features to the app, we also want to make it more easily available for people to download and use.

We have received some fabulous feedback from people all over the world about how they are using the app and it has warmed our hearts to know that we are helping make a positive impact in people's prayer lives.  Our goal is to keep this positive impact going. We hope that this price adjustment will help us find the balance in sustainability and providing a quality product for people to use.

We also thank you so much for your support thus far, you've been amazing! Thank you all very kindly.  Please share this experience with someone you know, please click the Download on the App Store link or copy its shortcut and send it to someone you know.