New open-source menu control

As if the world needed yet another open-source menu control for iOS, I created another, called SFSCollectionMenu. The source is on Gitub, please feel free to peruse, and if you feel you can contribute, please send me a pull request. The control is iOS 7 only at this point, because it utilizes new APIs which create a blur-effect, as seen in Apple's WWDC sessions for creating "engaging UI". The menu will take a snapshot of the screen as it is, blur it, and then display the menu. When it dismisses, it removes itself and the blurred view, and user interaction resumes as normal.

The control is meant to be easy for developers to plug into their projects. There is a protocol to implement, which defines several required and some optional methods. By providing the code in the delegate methods, there is little extra that needs to be done to make it work; simply call alloc/initWithDelegate:, and then -showMenu when you want to display it. There will also be a CocoaPod for it soon.

For the README and screenshots, check out the project's page at