MyPrayerMap FAQ

MyPrayerMap for iOS is an app that was designed to be simple to use. However, sometimes there are things that you may find helpful or improve your prayer life that you may not have known!

Adding a prayer

To add a prayer, you can do one of several things:

  1. You can tap-and-hold anywhere on the map where you want the prayer to be located, or
  2. You can click the '+' button located at the bottom center (on iPhone/iPod touch) or in the top-right corner (on iPad)

Prayers will only show up on the map if they have a location. If there is no address/location specified when entering or editing a prayer item, it will not show up on the map. It will, however, still show in the list view.

How can I pray for someone?

As of version 1.0 of the app, to mark a prayer item prayed for, you simply do the following:

From the map view

  1. Tap on the pin representing the prayer
  2. When the info bubble pops up, tap it
  3. After the animated menu displays, tap the heart button

From the list view

  1. Locate the prayer in the list for which you wish to pray
  2. Swipe the cell from right to left to reveal more options
  3. Tap the heart button

How do I find a prayer on the map?

No problem at all. Simply tap the Search icon in the top bar (it looks like a magnifying glass) and start typing.

I'm a little nervous to tap the Twitter and Facebook buttons from the animated menu on the map

That's totally normal to worry. MyPrayerMap does not have any action (except praying for someone) that will cause you to sweat, unless you are running while praying. Actions where interaction is involved (such as tweeting, posting to Facebook, emailing, texting, etc) will all give you an opportunity to back out before any final action. Most of the time, you will see a prompt display so that you can edit the text before you click Send, or verify Delete, etc. So feel free to poke around in the app; if you don't want to do a certain action, just hit Cancel.

Some buttons in the animated menu or list cells are grayed out, or won't do anything when I tap them

If you have a social feature turned off on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, or are not configured to send email/SMS, the button will be lighter than normal and will not respond to touches. Those services can be enabled in iOS's Settings app.

I have low/reduced vision, can I still use the app?

Yes! MyPrayerMap was designed to have an easy flow to it, and with iOS's VoiceOver feature turned on you can easily navigate the app and understand what elements have focus and what you can do. If you find places that we may have missed during testing, please let us know so we can correct that for you!

Will I be charged to text/SMS someone I'm praying for?

Six Five Software, LLC will not charge you for sending any communications from MyPrayerMap. Standard data and/or carrier rates may apply to your specific situation.